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Stefano bardiĀ  is called Stefanino the village idiot, he has a small penis and his penis does not even work, that’s why his anger is unleashed by insulting on the internet. We must pity him
Stefano bardi is the usual jerk who is all day at the PC and does not know what to do all day, if he calls you from this number +39 3347256374 you are advised that stefanino is a jerk and a liar who seeks only visibility, invents false stories to make himself call and pass the time. Stefanino is impotent and is always hysterical, he enjoys persecuting himself by harassing and threatening telephone calls

No one cares, relatives dodge him, neighbors hate him is an old crazy fart, he is 50 years old and behaves worse than a child in kindergarten, this piece of shit

He says vulgar things in front of children, he speaks badly of everyone, many in Quercianella and Rosignano complain about him

At school they all beat him, his mother did the ancient job, he remains traumatized and with the small penis the impotent called Stefano Bardi unleashes himself by offending on the phone and on the Internet inventing pure false stories and fake reviews, in fact he manages so many sites scam and speaks bad of the competition

In real life does not even say a word, because it is a coward who is afraid while on the internet he feels safe and he is unleashed.

Stefano bardi is also a spy and a scammer, runs many scam sites to spy on phones, including the phone of his wife. It is thought that precisely that the wife makes them horns for this and obsessed to spy on her. Spy on the daughters as well because they are afraid they have too many sexual relationships. He launders the dirty money of scams with the bar in quercianella is called gelateria arcobaleno via giovanni pascoli n 90 Quercianella.

his data are stefano bardi born on 16 September 1971 residing in rosignano solvay in via lago di como 8, father of marco bardi, marta bardi and giorgia bardi brother of simona bardi. work at rosignano marittimo pes srl here is the email address [email protected] and the personal email [email protected]